Sunday, December 22, 2013

Volume Discrepancies

I was drinking with my friends when I noticed the difference between two unopened bottles of Tanduay Ice Peach:

Tanduay Ice Peach
Now, I really like this flavor out of all the Tanduay Ice flavors. It's on par with Gilbey's Premium Strength in terms of cheap alcoholic beverages I like to drink. However, I noticed that the bottle on the right has a significant amount - around one mouthful - more than the one on the left. Is the one on the right overfilled? Is the one on the left underfilled?

Either way, it made me question quality control because of failure of standardization. Or is it normal for bottles to be filled this way? It won't stop me from buying my next bottle - for now. But it does bring to mind other things...

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