Thursday, October 3, 2013

Review: Bench So In Love Shower Gel and Lotion

Bench So In Love Shower Gel and Body Lotion

I've finally gotten around to using one of the bath sets my relatives give me. I don't even think this is still around, but here it is - finally in use.

What I like about the body wash is that while it's flowery and sweet, it's so light, but it lasts long on the skin. Like shown - it's a bit on the watery side and comes off easily in the shower. I tend to use more than I ought, but don't have problems with washing it off after.

With the lotion, it gets a bit stronger and lasts a good bit longer - for more than 10 hours outside. The lotion absorbs equally easily. The downside is that the lotion is in a pot, so I'm usually a bit wary of double dipping.

While I'm not in love with this product, I am in like. I probably wouldn't buy it for myself since I have a whole slew of bath products to go through, but I think some people (especially those in their late teens or early twenties) can appreciate this product better than I can.

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