Friday, August 16, 2013

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

Warning: Picture Heavy

A few weeks ago, I went and ate in Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, in Mall of Asia - near the IMAX Cinema - a couple of times.

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe offers free Wifi, though I didn't use it. The place is cheery and there are a lot of tables. It's really cold though, and the menu is intimidating, so it's hard to decide what you want.

Steamed Spare Ribs With Black Bean (P100)
 This was the first time I've had this, actually. And it was pretty good, except it had bones (which I hate :)) ).

Udon P195
 I don't remember if this was pork of beef since it was a while back. The serving was big, for P195, and from what I remember, the noodles by itself was delicious, the meat was ok.

Lychee Ice Blended P70
 This drink tasted like lychee, as promised. It also had 3 pieces of fruit inside, which I liked. Very nice for the price.

Yin Yong Snow Ice P135

 While this serving of snow ice was huge (good for 3-4 people). It's basically ice, so I'm not impressed. It tasted like really cold milk tea, with red beans hiding at the bottom.

Macau Iced Coffee P75
 A bit too milky for my taste, but I liked the fact that the ice had flowers inside.

Cheese Baked Rice with Black Pepper Beef P245
 This was the best dish I've tasted there: because I love cheese and beef. This might be share-able but not for me! Best enjoyed by hungry self.

Chicken Bulgogi with Rice P195
The meat was a bit dry, so it wasn't that enjoyable.

Will I return? Most probably yes, if I'm in the area, since the servings are big and sometimes even good for sharing.

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