Wednesday, June 5, 2013

LRT adventures + Starbucks Musings

I am reborn! I am a phoenix! I am Jean Grey!

I'm just a redhead as a treat to myself for the school year. Here's to maintenance - I'm sure it'll be a b*tch.

Also, I'm poor now. I had it done at a reputable-(ish?) salon.


I was commuting yesterday and I could kick myself because I had forgotten:

1. Not to wear slippers on the train - your feet will be bruised and smushed by the stampeding feet.

2. Discipline means delay - the horde of people who don't know what a line is will force you out of your place as they cannot wait for passengers to disembark before surging forward as a mob. Although on the bright side, the EDSA line had crowd control - passengers couldn't enter the waiting area unless the place isn't that crowded. A bit annoying, the waiting, but better than being suffocated by a mob.

3. That I had a stored value card - and bought another one. T_T

It was a trying couple of hours. I even went on a jeep which thought they could fit 8 butts in a 7 person bench. They succeeded by having 6 + .5 +.5 butts on it. I was one of the lucky 6.

At the end of the day, I ended up in a Starbucks. Their Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucino is really good! I noticed two people, separate parties, who entered Starbucks and never ordered. The first one, a male, stayed for a good 30 mins, charging his phone. The second one was an elderly female. She stayed for over 2 hours, charging her phone and occasionally napping. She even asked me to watch it as she went to the bathroom. Afterwards, she asked for a glass of water.

Now while I do know that in emergency situations, it could be excused for someone to charge a phone or use a bathroom or ask water. However, two hours by a lady who obviously had the means (she spent a lot of time on the phone talking business and was wearing jewellery  to "pay for her use of the space" is not really excusable in my book.

There may be people who do that, and are proud to do so, but I think it's very rude, and unfair to the cafe. If all people acted like this, then Starbucks would close down because everyone would use electricity and water with no income to offset it. But the thing is, if you see something like this happening, should you tolerate it?

It seemed easier to hold my peace - and I excused it saying that maybe, she would order in a few more minutes (as if waiting for another party member). But am I part of the problem?

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