Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cuddle Buddy (CB)

This is a term I've been introduced to only this year. According to R, a cuddle buddy (CB) is the female version of a fuck buddy (FB) - which seems kind of sexist but a bit true when you think about it. A FB is someone you go for no-strings sexy times; A CB is someone you go for no-strings cuddle times. Both may or may not be successful. That is, it might actually have complications with regards to the feelings of one or more parties.

With regards to either generally and to CBs specifically, there are some questions I have in my head  and should be in the minds of those who are looking for one!

Is it better to have a friend or a stranger as a CB?
- If the former, a close friend or someone closer to an aquaintance?

Would you ever go on a site looking for one? (granted, I'm pretty sure there isn't one in my area)

What are the risks involved?

What can you do to protect yourself for these risks?

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