Thursday, May 10, 2012

Alcohol in Toners?

Most people would say that you should not use any toner (or face product) that has alcohol in it, and I agree. This is because of it's drying, inflammatory and oil stimulating properties. Thus, for most people, alcohol-free toners are the way to go. And it should rightly be.

However, alcohol-free toners are rare among low-end products in the Philippines. A good, cheap replacement may be a green tea or apple cider vinegar toner. Short shelf life for the first and the smell for the second are drawbacks to these two options. Witch hazel may also be an alternative, but be sure that there is no alcohol in the distilling process or the ingredients list.

On the other hand, I'm not much bothered by the alcohol content in a toner. I live in Metro Manila, Philippines: There is a lot of pollution over here and oftentimes even a double cleansing (oil and water) may not be able to take everything off at the end of the day. I also prefer not to wash my face in public. No other toner works as well in removing all that gunk as well as an alcohol-based one on-the-go or after face washing (You cannot use your toner as a replacement for your cleanser).

It may not be the healthiest solution, but I can live with it (for now). Thus, at the moment, any product that has alcohol content is not necessarily a turn off for me. Call it hypocrisy, recklessness, youthful folly. Maybe I'll be better (or richer) when I'm a bit more grown up. I've seen that some toners are effective, even with their alcohol content. Some faces are also capable of bearing the alcohol. I think I'm one of them. Here's hoping for the best.

I know I will probably regret this in the future.


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