Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review: Fashion 21 Dipliner

This is my newly bought Fashion 21 Dipliner. I'd been using my old one for over 2 years and I had to throw it out (because unlike a pencil, you cannot sharpen dipliners and as it can go INSIDE your eye, it's better to throw it out after 1 year), so I bought a new one today.

fashion 21 dipliner with expiration date

What's nice about this liner is that it's cheap at P115 (around $3), so I don't feel too bad for disposing it.I also like the non-tube packaging. Also, it comes with a manufacturing date (circled-this one at 21/2/12) so I know when I should be throwing it out.

fashion 21 dipliner swatch

The tip is flexible so you can get a nice thick line or a thin one (top to bottom). Though it isn't a true black, you can layer it on or not wipe it too much before applying to get a deeper black. It's going to need to dry for a lot longer if you do the latter, so don't open your eyes for 15 seconds to prevent smudging. Afterwards, THIS DOES NOT BUDGE on my oily face. Unless you rub your eye, it's there to stay!


  • cheap
  • with manufacturing date
  • long lasting (nearly anything proof)


  • not a deep black

I'm not very good at applying make up so I prefer using pencils, but I just love this product.

Edit: May 15, 2013. I may have gotten oilier, but right now, this liner lasts less than 8 hours now. I am probably not going to buy this product again.

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