Friday, April 20, 2012

Tutorial: A Noob's Eye Make-up

This is the first time I've done my eye make up for an event. My sister, who normally does my make up for me (because i am n00b), is gone for the next X years. :( (IMY SISTER)

So I did my it all by myself and it turned out quite well. I wasn't able to take a picture of it before the party, but I got a lot of compliments for my eye make up. I took a bunch of pictures when I got home. This is after being on my face for over 6 hours so it doesn't look decent anymore.

Without flash:

I actually placed black eyeliner but the eyeshadow went over it, creating the blue line. There has been some debate over whether to put it before or after, and I chose to do the former. I'm putting it on after next time.

With flash:

Note: Tools and make-up belong to my sister (heehee).

I used these four colors from the Stila Barbie pallet:

stila barbie pallet

And this is how I did it:

eye makeup tutorial

This is meant to be read like an english comic (left to right, up to down). Click to enlarge image :)


  1. Great post, Cara! I am a total eye-makeup (actually makeup in general) noob so I'm glad to finally find a tutorial that is simple and easy to follow. :D

    - Dom

  2. Thank you! -from one noob to another :)