Saturday, August 7, 2010


It is close to midnight and everyone is asleep. I am at my window. Impossibly, it is open. I look outside. A cool breeze comes in. My heart is hollow, but it feels like lead. I am waiting for something. My upper body sticks out, straining to the sky. I know I can do this. I jump.

I jump out the window and land on a nearby tree. I am deliriously happy, though I knew I would succeed. I start jumping from tree to tree. I stop to steady myself. I fear that something is chasing me, so I go further. I hop from tree to empty lot to tree. Each jump lasts longer, goes higher. Again and again until I feel like I can touch the stars.

I want to touch them. I try and I fail, but it's alright since I can try again.

Once more. I am so close. The air freezes in my lungs as my lips turn blue. I am ecstatic, my hand moves. I am going to touch a star. Then I start to fall. It is gravity, yet it is not. It is slower than I would expect. My heart starts pounding: If I crash, would I die? The sky is beautiful. It is a blanket of dark velvet with little glowing lights- crystals creating an unknown design. I fall and this image blurs. I hit the ground, but I am unharmed.

So I do it again, again, again.

I lose track of time. Then the velvet lightens and orange fire lights up the sky. It is morning and my head feels as if it were wrapped in cotton. I am sad, exhausted, overjoyed. I leap to my window and fall into my bed.

I fall asleep and I wake up.

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