Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How to use sheet masks

So I don't normally use sheet masks, because I find them horribly expensive for one use wonders. However, sometimes I am blessed with GWPs in sheet mask form.

Ekel masks are cheap, but are perfectly capable of giving a much needed shot of hydration.

To maximize effectiveness, here is how I use my masks.

1. Refridgerate masks and remove as needed.
2. Tear the top of the container and apply sheet mask as usual on top of a cleansed face. You will see that there is a lot of essence left inside the container.  Roll this up and seal it back into the fridge.
3. Nap! I like to combine treats and do a power nap. Wake up 20-40 minutes later. If you can, let your body wake naturally. Skin should be soft and hydrated.
4. Remove mask and wipe remainder of the mask on neck area downwards. Squeeze every drop of product out of that mask.
5. Massage whats left of the essence on face. Go about day as normal.

Ideally, I would do this in the afternoon for a quick boost. At night before sleeping.l:

6. Remove mask container with essence inside. Unseal.
7. Layer remaining essence on face and neck after cleansing. I usually have around 3-5 layers placed, with around 2 minute intervals.
8. Sleep time! Wake up with plumper, brighter skin.

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