Thursday, March 30, 2017

I can't believe it's not summer yet!

Because it's way too hot! I've already literally vomited from the heat. Hope it hasn't happened to anyone else. Anyway, just a gentle reminder to:

1. Use sunscreen! Do as I say and not as I do. I've been skipping this for near half a year because I'm indoors 95% of the time (yes, I know you're supposed to wear this indoors but I get all sweaty and gross with it on and bleh). Can't cut it anymore, it's way too hot!

2. Stay in cool, well ventilated areas. I can't really do this, but I try.

3. Wear loose clothing with sweat wicking fabrics. You don't have t show skin if you don't want to, but skin tight clothing is a no-no.

4. Drink a lot of fluids. Preferably cool.

5. Use a hat or umbrella outdoors. Sunglasses optional but appreciated.

6. Use a mist. Anything to cool down.

7. Bathe in cool water. I've officially stopped using the water heater. I know some people bathe more than once a day here normally, but I know some who have upped to 3x to 4x when summer starts.

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