Sunday, March 12, 2017

Ekel Natural Clean Peeling Gel

From my mom's vanity: Ekel Natural Clean Peeling Gel!

Haha, can't believe how adventurous my mom is when it comes to skin care! I saw this a few weeks ago and couldn't resist trying it out when I could.

As someone who is too sensitive for Cure, I was hesitant at first but finally tried it because I loved the scent: Acai Berry. Yes, I patch tested before putting it on my face.


The product is a white, opaque cream that you spread on your dry face. After a few strokes, it turns into flakes that you wash off. The process is a bit messy, so I suggest doing everything above the sink.

The result: cleaner, brighter​ skin. 

I did not get any redness while using this product, however, I noticed the next product I used stung my face a bit, which was unusual. I would definitely not recommend this for sensitive skin. However, I can't help using it weekly just for the scent -.- ... Hay, I just have to use a soothing moisturizer after.

I know its bad :/

Would I buy this? No. Not sure about the price myself. But I do enjoy using this and my mom likes this product- her skin isn't sensitive like mine- so non-sensitive skin types might want to try it out.

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