Monday, February 27, 2017

Sulwhasoo GOA Kit (4 items)

Honestly, I bought this product on a whim online, but the Sulwhasoo GOA Kit is not something I regret buying.

I never thought there'd be a time when I would willingly buy a neck cream, but I did.


1. GOA Ampoule
2. GOA Eye and Lip Cream
3. GOA Cream
4. GOA Neck Cream

Though not a full size product, this did come with a neck cream, which I was very ambivalent about. On one side, it allowed me leave to pull down my skin care aa I ought. On the other, I really don't believe in a dedicated neck cream :P

Either way, I had no choice but to use it and I did.

To use: apply in order from 1-4. The ampoule is translucent and leaves the skin slightly sticky. Don't scrimp. I use 2 pumps to coat my face and neck. The 3 creams are similar, opaque white with thickening of consistency (the only difference I feel with the 3).

The scent is pleasant and herbal, relaxing but not overwhelming.

Honestly, using this nighly is tiresome (who needs 3 different products when one will do) but I do like the ritual of it, sometimes. I don't use this nightly, but I do turn to it when my skin feels tired and in need of more hydration.

At around P800 for this size, for around 10-12 uses, this product ain't cheap. But if you think about how much sheet masks cost, the price isn't that bad. If ever, I think I'd prefer to repurchase the full size of the ampoule if it was in my budget and go for another cream to layer over it. Sadly, this product isn't easily available for me so this won't happen anytime soon.

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