Friday, February 3, 2017

AlgyNatural Seaweeds Lotion

Things are kind of crazy right now, and will continue to be for some time. Luckily, someone gave me a piece of calm with some AlgyNatural products. I'm currently aroubd two-thirds done with my bottle of their Seaweeds Lotion and I'm loving it.

The bottle is opaque so I'm not quite sure how much I have used but I'm running through 100ml quite quickly, which I have mixed feelings about because I love using up products but don't really want this to end, haha.

Like the bottle, the lotion is an opaque white that's on the runny side and spreads quite well. I normally don't enjoy citrus based body products but I really like spreading and sniffing this on my entire body for some reason.

I started using this bottle because I needed to calm my skin before trying to repair it in earnest, and I can see that it's doing its job. Its main ingredients are water and coconut oil, and while I'm not sure the seaweed is doing much for me, at least it doesn't seem to hurt.

For those who aren't experiencing skin issues like me, you might prefer using this later in the year when its warmer as this sinks in quite easily. I normally wouldn't use a lotion this thin as this at this time, but alas...

Also, unfortunately, I got this from someone and wouldn't know how much this costs or how to acquire it.

Still a good find if you happen to see it!

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  1. Hi Cara, Great products.! they do have an online store. you can buy them here.