Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Miniso Laundry Net

After faithfully being served by my Daiso laundry nets for the better part of the year, the lot of 2 I'd been using finally became too damaged for use. I then decided to search Miniso and found that they had some very sturdy laundry nets.

MINISO Laundry Net

Decided to get this set of 3 instead of the tougher looking ones because at P145 for 3, it's a pretty good deal and I like the green trimming to match it as a set.
Miniso Laundry Net Set of 3

It is my firm belief that anyone who has their clothes washed in a machine (whether at your own home or sent out) should use laundry nets. As my previous nets have shown, you can do a lot of damage to your clothes when washed willy nilly. Nets serve as a small layer of protection from the wringing and rips your clothes may be prone to when tossed in the wash.

Hope these last at least as long as its P88 counterpart (you know from where ;) ).

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