Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The New Faorite: Nescafe Berry Mocha

This is a bit of an oldie, but it's only now that I've caved and gone and bought a whole bunch of sachets of Nescafe's newest coffee mix: Berry Mocha.

The packet itself is 30g and supposedly contains enough for either 2 cups for sharing or 1 for a "more indulgent cup." There's no need to guess which one I follow.

Why? Well.. why dilute the flavor? It doesn't taste as it should when thinned out. Each serving is 70.5 Cals ... which turns into 141 Cals when used properly, which makes it quite an indulgent treat. Drink at your own risk.

A look at the ingredients list with creamer at the top and instant coffee near the bottom is very telling. This has very little actual caffeine in it and will likely give you a sugar high then crash instead. Sip slowly :P

It's not a healthy drink, but it's a guilty pleasure.

This product contains milk and soya.

I'm not sure how much each sachet costs but it costs less than P15 ($0.40), and helps kill my desire to go to a fancy cafe :D

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