Saturday, August 27, 2016

Bench Organics Face and Body Mist

Finally reviewing the Bench Organics 92% Face and Body Mist I talked about before. I think I remember this retailing for around P230 (~$6).

Bench Organics Face and Body Mist
For starters, you get a nice 150 ml of product. It's a bit big for a normal bag but I think it works for  a backpack if you really want to bring it with you. I've placed mine in a large bag and I have to admit that I've lost the cap.

Bench Organics Face and Body Mist Ingredients

According to the packaging, it's for refreshing and hydrating tired skin. I use it for this purpose and cannot vouch for its use with make up. You can use this for your face by spraying 20 cm from skin. The bottle says spray in an X or T formation, but the pump isn't aerosolised enough to deliver the spray in a line. I prefer spraying this in a circle with one pump per area. For my body, I follow the instructions and pat gently afterwards.

The main ingredients are aloe barbadensis leaf juice, alcohol and propylene glycol and the product contains some castor oil and perfum. They include a bunch of extracts but it comes way after water. This product was made in Korea.

Bench Organics Face and Body Mist Sprayed

As you can see, the pump doesn't spray perfectly evenly, so I'm not sure if I'd recommend it for make up. However, it does what it says and refreshes and hydrates the skin well. I like the aloe scent so it works well for sweaty situations. It calms my skin and my mind at the same time. The aloe scent doesn't last long, which I like because I spray this multiple times as needed for a physical and mental boost.  I'd recommend it actually for those in school, those who commute and for gym use. I've already used a third of this bottle and I might buy it again.

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