Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Juicy Fruity Lemon Body Butter

Okay, so I have no idea where this came from, how much it costs or where to get it because this was given to me by a friend. However, I've been using it both as a body butter and hand cream during its later days..

Juicy Fruity Lemon Body Butter

As you can see, it's nearly empty. It's small at 50 ml so I can move it around, but not quite enough to live inside my bag. I wouldn't really recommend using it as a hand cream since it's an unhygienic pot. But I used quite enough of it for the whole body before transitioning into exclusive hand use that I know it's not gonna last long.

It's a bit more lemon yellow in real life. When you open it you get this concentrated scent that reminds me a bit of air freshener. Not very appealing but it turns into a warmer fruitier scent once on the skin.

Juicy Fruity Lemon Body Butter

The product is quite thick and even in Philippine weather, it does not melt at all. I like using it now that it's not so hot again but found it too hot in the summer. It works nicely as a hand cream since its thick, so I don't have to reapply as often. FYI, I began using this as a hand lotion after finding that it matched my current dish soap.

Juicy Fruity Lemon Body Butter Ingredients

The main ingredients of this are waer, liquid paraffin and cetearyl alcohol. It also has a good amount of parabens, such that it can last for a whopping 24 months. At this small size, I feel that they could have lessened it since it shouldn't last that long at all. I like that they show the batch number, expiry date as well as its lifespan.

Since I have no idea how to acquire this, there's no question of me buying this again. However, I think this would appeal more to those in school because of its fruity scent.

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