Monday, April 4, 2016

The Beginner's Set to Pour Over Coffee from Daiso

Want to try switching to real coffee instead of that instant stuff?

Don't have the cash to shell out for a machine or those other fancy stuff?

Well… you don't have to.

A starter set for pour over coffee can set you back as little as P88-196 only (sans actual coffee).

Daiso has some really cheap, useful stuff such as this Coffee Dripper and these Coffee Filters.

Each costs P88 (may be cheaper in your area). I've bought the filters in different sizes several times, and this time, I got a BOGO promo. From P88 for 90 filters to P88 for 180! Now, these are not the best filters ever and give off a faint papery taste. However, pre-rinsing gets rid of a significant amount, and it's quite the steal compared to other brands.

This coffee dripper is a bit different from the one I'm currently using, but I bough this since it's heat-resistant at up to 100C.

All you need is your ground beans, a cup and some hot water and you're good to go!

FYI, they also had a set of filters that are meant to be placed over one's cup directly (without the dripper), but they are slightly more expensive at P88 for 50.

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