Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sanitary Pad Comparison: Modess vs Charmee vs Sisters vs Sofy

It's that time of the month every month, so I decided to haul a bunch of sanitary pads to see how they perfomed. Because why not?

As you may have noticed in a previous post, where I was excited by the entry of a pad, I like them long. Thus, each brand in the supermarket with a pad length greater or equal to 30 cm, winged and without an "ultra thin" designation was bought.

In this comparison:
Clockwise from top: Modess, Charmee, Sisters, Sofy

1. Modess Cottony Soft All Night: 30 cm and P43.50 for a pack of 4
2. Charmee All night Plus: 32.5 cm and P21.25 for a pack of 4
3. Sisters Overnight Dry: 34 cm and P24 for a pack of 4
4. Sofy Body Fit Comfort Nite: 35 cm P77 for a pack of 8

Sad, right? Other brands actually have long pads (Whisper Cottony X-Long/Skin Love and Kotex Soft and Smooth Overnight) but only the 28 cm versions were available and will not be included in this comparison.

I'll compare them after the jump. Criteria: Price, Wear, Experience


Modess 3/5
Charmee 5/5
Sisters 5/5
Sofy 3/5

How much do your pads cost? While it doesn't seem like much (especially if you have light or fast menses), costs can actually be quite high over time. While none of these products are in the luxe range, the price of the pads can clearly be divided into the cheaper and the more expensive side. Modess was the most expensive of the bunch at 10.9/pad; Sofy was next at 9.6/pad Sisters was similar at P6  and Charmee was cheapest at 5.3/pad. While you could always mix and match, 10 pads of each type would set you back P109, P53, P60 and P96 respectively.


Modess: 4/5
Charmee 3/5
Sisters 3/5
Sofy 5/5

Opene Pad
From lef: Modess, Charmee, Sisters, Sofy

Wear in this case involves how much the pad absorbs and acts in general. Sofy's is the definite longest and keeps folding into itself in the picture. Sisters is next at 34. Charmee and Modess are on the small side at 32 and 30, respectively.

However, Modess has the softest top sheet and Sofy, a close second. Both Charmee and Sisters are on the rough side, which can be irritating at times and during prolonged use.

While none of them truly leak, the adhesive on both Charmee and Sisters sometimes get displaced. Modess does better, but the true winner is Sofy Body Fit for the way it catches fluid. As you can see in the picture below, the pad has "flex gathers" that prevent leakage  at the sides (like a diaper). The center is also a bit raised, which allows easy  and immediate contact with the fluid.

Sofy Pad Gather

Once caught, Modess gives the "driest" feeling. The other three are relatively equal but Sisters is the least comfortable. All three are absorbent, but I've found Sofy to be a bit more absorbent than the others by a large margin.


Modess 5/5
Charmee 3/5
Sisters 3/5
Sofy  3/5

Opened Package
Clockwise from left top: Modess, Charmee, Sisters, Sofy 
Opening the Modess package was easiest with its easy perforation top. There was a bit of a struggle with the rest. Looswise, you can actually leave the Modess packaging in the bathroom, but not the rest. All of them are basic white pads sans colors or decorations. If you have a pad bag, this may not be an issue but I know some are embarassed by accidental drops/glimpses of a basic pad.

Closed Pad
From left: Modess, Charmee, Sisters, Sofy

Scent-wise, Both Modess and Sofy actually have a scent. The former is flowery and much stronger, which might be more irritating but hides "period smells" better. Sofy's is very mild and powdery. Both Charmee and Sisters are unscented, which is better for those on the more sensitive side.

Individually, both Modess and Sisters are direct pulls whil Charmee and Sofy are pull-tabs. It's easier to close the pull tabs for disposal of your previous pad. Charmee and Sisters' backs have a tendency to get damaged sometimes.

I won't give a cumulative or overall ranking because it would be misleading since the weight of each criteria may vary individually. The weight of each subcriteria may also be different for others. I've already bought all repeatedly, but my choices depend on product availability and my present needs. But right now, for me, the winner is Sofy. Why? I like the wear of it, and I feel more secure going out and even sleeping for long periods of time with it.

Finally, while this is a comparison of disposable sanitary pads, they may not be for you. Some might prefer the reusable cloth pads, tampons or even menstrual cups (both disposable and not). Please do your research about the pros and cons of each one.

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