Friday, October 23, 2015

Want! Face Paint: The Story of Makeup

I'm not really into makeup, but I adore looking at the history and meanings of different cosmetics, attire, etc… which is why I'm really hoping to grab myself a copy of Lisa Elridge's Face Paint: The Story of Makeup.

I don't know if and when this will happen, but until then, here's her vlog entry of make-up looks throughout the ages. Warning though, this may push you to throw your money at it so watch at your own risk.

Still not convinced? Try to see what she says about it.

Sigh. I'm really hoping it won't be too expensive here in the Phil.

Edit: I've looked at the 3 major bookstores in the Philippines and only one has it in stock at a location far from where I live at a price that's P500 ($10) more than it's amazon price.

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