Thursday, October 8, 2015

Commuting to CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines)

A lot of people seem to think that CCP is only accessible via car or cab, and while I can't deny that those are convenient options, it is possible to commute to the area.

To commute to CCP, first try to get to Ocampo Street. This is usually a short walk from the LRT or a jeep to Vito Cruz Station along Taft Avenue. If you're not going through Taft Avenue, you can also choose a jeep that goes to Harrison's.

From Ocampo Street, you can take the orange jeep which will pass through CCP. It will also pass by the Folk Arts Theater, PICC and the Coconut Palace. You can also walk the 16 minutes google maps estimates. I prefer walking myself, but I allot around 25 minutes walking time since the crossing at Roxas Boulevard can take a while.

Google Maps: Vito Cruz to CCP

If walking along Ocampo Street, choose the the side closer to BSP, Harrison's and Rizal Memorial. While Manila streets aren't that pedestrian friendly, that side is a lot better than the other.

Going back after is, admittedly, a bit more difficult for a gala performance: the jeep going back comes by rarely and is often full. It's also not a good idea to walk the Ocampo-Taft area at night time unless you are in a group.

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