Saturday, March 7, 2015

Highlands Coffee: Truyen Thong

The last of my hot Vietnamese coffee, from Highlands Coffee: Truyen Thong. This is the coffee meant to be used with the traditional vietnamese filter as seen in the picture.

Lighter and sweeter than the Moka Blend I used when I showed how to use the phin filter, this coffee still gives that kick that Vietnamese coffee is known for.

Highlands Coffee Truyen Thong

I wasn't able to take a picture of the back but they do contain directions and a nutrition facts. However, the calories written there were insanely high and I choose to believe they're for the combination with milk and not alone. 

I usualy drink this sans milk because I find that it gets too sweet otherwise.

Now, I know that the ASEAN opening is happening this year and that Highlands Coffee is already in the Philippines. I'm hoping things will become cheaper or more varied though and that Philippine taxes don't suck so much.

Looking forward to more choices from around Asia!

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