Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekend Misadventure: Brew Up

Actually, i'm not quite sure if it's Brew Up or Brew UP. And I never found out.

Last weekend, R and I went to UP Diliman in order to try the coffee and treats at Brew Up. I looked up their hours on zomato and saw that they were open on Saturdays. When I got there….


It was closed.



I looked at their FB and found that they were having trouble with ISSI, and that they were hoping to move to a new location. I hope I do get to try it sometime this year once they find a new one. But lesson learned: Facebook stalk places you want to visit to see if they're still there.

The FB account showed that they've been closed for a week, though their Saturday closure was announced afternoon of that day.

 I was disappointed because it seemed like such a cool place.

It looked like a place I could chill at. See the trees?

R and I ended up at the Snack Shack instead. Best P70 burger I've tasted. Waiting time: 20 minutes. I ended up buying some other food and drinks at the Shopping Center and Area 2 while waiting.

Snack Shack
No picture of the burger because it was hot and I was hungry.

This weekend's adventure wasn't a total fail.

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