Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Pillowman at CCP: Sandbox Collective

Last night, I went to CCP to watch a play, the Pillowman as done by the Sandbox Collective.

I got an unpleasant surprise I found as I discovered that it was a "Multi-Media Staged Reading."

In other words, I got to watch a screen as 4 actors performed behind a black curtain.

I don't know which group I'm more disappointed in: the Sandbox Collective for failing to supply the correct details or Ticketworld for not doing due diligence.

While the former's Facebook account does say what it really is,  below is all the info you get from the latter site:
The Pillowman Details
Aside from failing to properly advertise their show, the entire thing lasted closer to 3 hours than the promised 90 minutes.

While half the performers did well enough, reading their lines (admittedly, 2 of them did not need need their scripts and acted their parts out well), I basically paid P618 for 2D rendering of an unfinished performance.

I'd rather read the screenplay or wait for a movie version to come out.

For those who are interested, as the play stars Bong Cabrera, Art Acuna, Jojo Cayabyab and Richard Cunanan, a second reading will be done on February 24 at 8 pm.

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