Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Australian Harvest Oatmeal in a Box

Between Quaker, Australian Harvest and other brands, I'd choose the one most convenient for me: either the Quaker single serves or the Australian Harvest resealable bag - the only brand I've seen that had resealable packaging. I'd choose other brands, but I didn't have a dedicated container to place it in. Fortunately, Australian Harvest came up with new packaging: a reusable box! 

Australia Harvest Oatmeal

I got it because I wanted a container for my oats: The non-box packaging doesn't seem to be resealable anymore. The package with the box is a bit more expensive than the bag version, but the convenience made me buy it anyway... but I might refill it with a different brand, considering that the "refills" are 500g for a 400g jar, and a single serving has a whopping 1.3g of salt per serving. FYI, you're only supposed to have 5g a day!  Still, right now, it's one of the healthier cheap convenient options I have for a healthy meal or snack. Pair it with some fruit, milk, spice or even coffee for different delicious variations.

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