Monday, October 27, 2014

Bobby Brown Extra Face Oil

Four years ago, I acquired a sample of Bobby Brown's Extra Face Oil. While it smelt divine and moisturized adequately, I didn't really feel the oil, so on it went to exile.

Fast forward 4 years:

I found it hiding in one of the drawers. Since it IS Bobby Brown, sample though it may be, I wanted to see if I could use it still. Because, you know I'm never gonna buy this myself :))

The answer: OMG YES.

After four years, this still smells great. And I've been using it for two weeks with no break outs on my face. I put 2-3 drops on at night just after showering and just relax. It's supposed to be a mix of oils, but it smells like sandalwood to me. I'm pretty sure it smelt better when it was fresh tho.

The oil sinks into the skin readily, and doesn't leave any residue after around 15-20 minutes, depending on how heavily I put it.

My skin feels soft, smooth and hydrated the next day. I'm super tempted to use it as a day moisturiser but I'm too lazy to put an extra step since I'd have to wake up earlier.

I do wonder if the product degraded significantly while in storage, maybe - all those wasted years!

This product really made me appreciate facial oils, and I think I'd be more open to buy it in the future. I was meh after trying out the Human Heart Nature Sunflower Oil on my skin - at that time, I wouldn't even think about letting it stay on my face, but now I'd like to try other oils in the future.

I'd buy this in a sec if it weren't so freaking expensive.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Marks and Spencer's Luxy Gold Teabags

Marks & Spencer recently had a sale and I ended up picking up some digestives (again) as well as some tea.

Marks and Spencer's Luxury Gold Tea Bags and Dark Chocolate Digestives
I got some milk chocolate digestives as well, but nothing really beats the dark chocolate.  Directions and storage information are in the back, you can check this as well as the expiration date before deciding to buy.

Marks & Spencer's Luxury Gold Tea Bags
I got this at P198 (around $5) for 80 bags as an everyday tea. I didn't expect anything special from this, just an everyday tea I can drink.

Marks & Spencer Luxry Gold Tea Bags Foil Wrap
I  like the fact that they're foil wrapped and stamped with their expiration date. For its price, I don't expect a good dark, airtight container for them but it's very helpful when stuffing them into pre-existing ones: I can stuff 40 bags in a can - not 80 - and I don't have to worry about the other 40.

Marks & Spencer Luxury Gold Tea Bags Round
These tea bags are round - they might not diffuse as well as the polyhedral ones but I don't have a problem since I find this tea on the strong side. The lack of string would be annoying as well if I take it alone, but since I prefer this with milk, I use a teaspoon and it's not much of a minus.

Marks & Spencer Luxry Gold Tea Bags Brewed
I prefer to steep this at a bit less than 3 mins since I find it way too strong when steeped longer than that. It also leaves my mouth dry when used alone and is a bit bitter on its own - I find that adding some milk solves this problem. The color of the tea is on the red side but disappears with milk. It tastes better with sugar, but since I'm trying to cut it out of my hot drink intake, I usually take it with just milk.

I may try this iced in the future, but I have a powdered iced tea I'm really fond of right now. We'll see.

At this price point, I have no real complaints though I do still prefer the Lipton Yellow for the flavor and effort payoff for an everyday tea. While I can and will finish this as my everyday tea (averaging 2 bag a day right now), I wouldn't buy it again: too much effort for tea I'm just ok with.

Friday, October 17, 2014

September: Instant Coffee Rotation

It's a bit late, but I'd just like to share the instant coffees I've been trying last month.

1. Good Day Vanilla Latte
2. Good Day Cappuccino
3. Great Taste White

Top: Good Day Vanilla Latte, Left: Good Day Cappuccino, Right: Great Taste White.
I like the good day Cappuccino best in terms of coffee-ness, foam and flavor. The sprinkles are a plus, but not so important in the scheme of things.

The Great Taste White is what I prefer next: it's very sweet (unlike its tasteless, cold tetrapack counterpart) and can actually be further diluted with more milk.

I like the Good Day Vanilla Latte least, though I wouldn't turn my nose up at it.

I wouldn't buy these just now because I want to try other things, but I would buy again.

Instant coffee has a lot of sugar and fats in it, which is one of the reasons why I prefer the brewed versions. It also has much less of a kick. Still, for days where you're too lazy to set-up or too rushed to do so (without wanting to spend much) and you really need your coffee - I still go for instant coffee.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Australian Harvest Oatmeal in a Box

Between Quaker, Australian Harvest and other brands, I'd choose the one most convenient for me: either the Quaker single serves or the Australian Harvest resealable bag - the only brand I've seen that had resealable packaging. I'd choose other brands, but I didn't have a dedicated container to place it in. Fortunately, Australian Harvest came up with new packaging: a reusable box! 

Australia Harvest Oatmeal

I got it because I wanted a container for my oats: The non-box packaging doesn't seem to be resealable anymore. The package with the box is a bit more expensive than the bag version, but the convenience made me buy it anyway... but I might refill it with a different brand, considering that the "refills" are 500g for a 400g jar, and a single serving has a whopping 1.3g of salt per serving. FYI, you're only supposed to have 5g a day!  Still, right now, it's one of the healthier cheap convenient options I have for a healthy meal or snack. Pair it with some fruit, milk, spice or even coffee for different delicious variations.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Vietnamese Coffee: Phin Filter with Phuc Long Moka Blend

Boy, do I have a lot of coffee posts :))

A few weeks ago, I posted about using a concentrate in order to make Vietnamese iced coffee. Today, I'd like to talk about a more traditional way to make coffee with the use of a phin filter.

Have you ever used a phin filter? For those who haven't, a phin filter is a small metal device which is what the Vietnamese traditionally use to make their coffee. Unlike a french press, it can only make a cup at a time, but being made completely of metal, it's a lot sturdier, cheaper and takes up less space. 

Phuc Long Phin Filter

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials Facial Cleanser

I got the Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials Facial Cleanser in Energizing Berry because I wanted to try out a cheaper salicylic acid cleanser other than Neutrogena for a change. It doesn't list its concentration, but should be around the 0.5% range. There are two versions I've seen- the red or berry version and the yellow or lemon- but I prefer berry over citrus. Those who prefer something more refreshing might prefer the lemon version. There is supposed to be a third version, but I haven't seen it here.

Clean &Clear Fruit Essentials Facial Cleanser Energizing Berry
The two main draws of these were its salicylic acid content and the berry-licious scent. The cleanser itself is faintly pink with a liquid to gel consistency. It doesn't lather well, but a little goes a long way and it spreads and rinses of easily. It also helps control my acne, very much like the Neutrogena Deep Clean. I like that it doesn't dry my skin, and can be used more than once daily.

What I didn't get was the bursting beads: they didn't burst on my face and required some effort to burst between my palms. I'd never use that much force on my face for cleansing!

Packaged in a clear plastic bottle with a flip-top cap, it's easy to see how much product you've used. It also has an expiration date clearly marked at the back. At around P150 for 100 ml, it does the job cheaply and can be used twice daily (as compared to the Neutrogena Deep Clean which sells for around P250 for 150 ml and dries my skin out more).

I'd buy this again, but would like to try out some other products first. Luckily, I don't think I'll run out of this anytime soon.