Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sisters Super Heavy Flow

Is it weird that I'm super excited about these? Haha.

Anyway, finally! A long pad at a competitive price. I'm not sure, but it's P21-25 for 4 pads (4+1 for the introductory promo). As someone who likes to move around in my sleep, i've found that longer pads do make a difference.  Most pads available here in the Philippines are either under 300mm, even for night use, or are too expensive to contemplate.

Sisters 340mm
Luckily, there are these now!

Longer pads means more careful application, but the results are worth it, IMO.

This is also not my favorite brand, that distinction goes to Laurier with their super long, super absorbent and and super thin napkins, but at this price point - I have nothing to complain about.

Now, I may change my mind if other brands become more competitive, but for now, for women tired of shelling out so much for something thrown away in around 8 hours, you might want to try Sisters out :)

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