Monday, September 8, 2014

Seattle's Best Coffee: Javakulas!

I posted a few days ago about CBTL having an open house for their newest Caramel Brownie Ice Blended. I did try it out and it was yummy. A dessert drink that's hard to say no to! However, this season's favorite is, hands down, from Seattle's Best Coffee: Peppermint Pot Javakula.

I have tried all 3 new Javakulas: Peppermint Pot, Sea Salt Caramel and Strawberry Fields. Why do I like this best? All of them have a far better presentation than either CBTL or Starbucks. Peppermint Pot comes with a real mint sprig on a mountain of crumbled cookie bits. Sea Salt Caramel comes with a little smiling star and Strawberry Fields comes with a small strawberry (not the real thing, mind you). They're all super cute!

But I am, forever, a sucker for peppermint (which is why I do love the Starbucks holiday season).

Currently for the new offerings:

Peppermint Pot Javakula > Caramel Brownie Ice Blended > Strawberry Fields > Sea Salt Caramel

While I do like the Strawberry Fields Javakula, it's flavor is "nakakaumay." The Sea Salt Caramel, adorable as it is, is a bit too sweet for me. A major con for me though is Seattle's Best's Javakulas have a consistency that's hit and miss (compared to CBTL and Starbucks). Go for their large size since the smaller sizes are the ones that tend to be more ice than happiness.

I haven't tried Starbucks' Tiramisu or Banana Rasberry Frappucino - though I do love both tiramisu and raspberries - because I don't think I'll be going to Starbucks for a while. Maybe until I decide if I'll go for a planner this year - if their holiday drinks are enticing enough.

Am I the only one that feels unhappy because they decided to put the minimum load for their card at P300? I prefer a P200 minimum, if ever because shelling out P300 in one go is a bit steep for me. I might as well buy a new card each time! I still haven't figured out how to pool cards together either.

Anyway, Seattles Best Coffee has a BOGO promo on their Javakulas from 10 am - 2pm until Friday, September 12.

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