Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil

A few weeks ago, I had a skin reaction. Now I'm not sure if it was due to too much exposure to the sun, too much alcohol or an effect of my own sweat, or even a combination of 2 or even all 3 -but it did leave parts of my skin red and even sting-y at times. My normal lotions made it sting more so I decided to use an oil instead.

At first I tried Neutrogena Body Oil, which I love using. However, it still stung my sensitive skin. I then thought of using a natural oil - but I was out of sunflower oil and coconut oil - while it didn't sting, also didn't sink into my skin. I couldn't wear a nice shirt on top of it, much less leave the house. Fortunately, I found a bottle of Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil lying around the house and decided to use it.

Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil
I put more than a few drops of the oil 2-3 times a day after showers. It stung a bit at first (but much less than the lotions and neutrogena during the first two days of use) and not a t all after. While the oil doesn't absorb as easily as the Neutrogena Body Oil, it did sink in after 20 minutes or so -unlike my VCO. The oil smelt like chocolate and the residual scent lasted a bit longer than the Neutrogena. I don't know how much this product costs, but I did like this product as my skin was no longer red by the end of the week.

The only thing I dislike about this product is that, like the Neutrogena Body Oil, the container gets oiled  up easily (you can see the oil marks on the bottom, advantage to Neutrogena), though it hasn't accumulated as much dirt.

I haven't used this on my face (its been off any moisturizers - I've been using a concentrate for the summer, and am unlikely to switch until my skin gets drier) but I might try it out in the future. I won't hesitate to use this anytime my skin becomes sensitive and reacts to something, and I'd recommend this for those with dry or problematic skin like I did.

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