Friday, June 27, 2014

Does one ever outgrow chocolate?

After gorging myself on a variety of choco-licious goodies, I began to wonder wether or not I should stop, or at least moderate my intake of this gift of the gods, be it in solid or liquid form. Now, I won't say how old I am, but ever since I stopped being a teen, I've told myself that it would be the last year of me eating whatever I pleased, and I'd do better once I was a year older - because my metabolism would be slower and I needed to take better care of myself. And this went on ad nauseam (was this expression even used correctly? Oh well).

Now, I have definitely noticed a decrease in my metabolic capability - as evidenced by the clockwise movement of the bathroom scales as the years pass. I also have had some success at slowing the rate of weight increase by a variety of mechanisms - healthy or otherwise.

However, there is one food group that I have failed to suppress the consumption thereof:


It deserves its own category separate from sweets or any other. It is a food group on its own. It is happiness in your mouth (yes, even more than my other beloved - bacon).

Whether local or imported: I cannot stop myself from devouring these treats. Bite-sized bits (why bother calling them party-sized?) disappoint me; a full sized bar to share or to hoard is something I look forward to, even as I know that it does not fill the stomach like it fills the mouth.

Will there ever come a time that I disdain chocolate? Probably not.

One day, I hope to try all the good chocolate there is. Right now, I'll satisfy myself with whatever I can find.

Was there a point to this?

Yes. I'd like to point out that I just really love chocolate!

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