Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cafe Mary Grace

I've always thought of Cafe Mary Grace as a dessert place, with its yummy hot chocolate, lemon squares and ensaymada. However, I'd never eaten anything truly substantial there before. Apparently, their pasta is also decent in size and flavor. It's not exactly a heavy meal, but it's not a light one either.

While their cream pastas are ok (specifically, the mushroom cream and salmon and cream), my friends and I agree that the sardines and olives pasta (P264, service charge not included) was the most delicious of the three we ordered. 

Sardines and Olives Pasta
Service is decent, with very accomodating servers, though we were a bit neglected with our plentiful requests for water - maybe due to our position outdoors. Still, the decor is very pretty and it's, for me, especially nice once the lights are on.

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