Sunday, May 18, 2014

Benefit Brow Wax Beneficence - Maleficence

Benefit had half off on their brow waxing service for a week, lasting until today. On one hand, my eyebrows have never before looked more groomed. On the other hand, it took out a giant chunk of skin at the end of my left eyebrow.

Benefit Brow Wax Effect

You can see it as a triangular patch that starts at the end of my eyebrow. At first I thought it was simple swelling, but when I got home, I saw otherwise.

So, i'm never doing that again. I think I'll stick to tweezing and threading instead.

Hoping for tips on how to regrow the skin properly without getting a scar. I can't wait until I can wash the area so i can seal it up. :(

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