Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Summertime Self Suggestions

With one of the hottest days ever just a few days ago, it's tempting to just stay home and nap, or bathe a billion times. While I'm very tempted to do that (and probably will on some days) this summer, I will do my best to improve both my body and my mind.

While I can't disclose the details, it does mean that I should log at least (and I hope, even more than) 1 hour a day for the improvement of my mind.

For the former, it's to go back to my body of 2 years ago at worst (or 4 years ago, at best) - in the healthiest way possible:

I will try for 30 minutes a day devoted to exercise.

Reduce my intake to either 1 brewed or 2 instants coffees a day.

Minimize junk food for healthier snacks.

And also, to do the other duties given to me.

I am writing these here as a reminder to myself. These past years, I've been sliding down and making some new bad habits, or breaking my old good ones.

It's time to clean house.

Wish me luck!!!

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