Monday, April 21, 2014

Nasi Lemak at Robinsons Galleria

I may not be able to go to Singapore, but I sure can eat some Singaporean food this summer!

Nasi Lemak Singapore Laksa
 I've been here a few times and I really liked their salad (the one with shrimp bits), along with their laksa. There were some other dishes I liked but I can't remember their names. While I did learn how to eat hainanese chicken here (more chicken, less rice rendering rice-all-you-can hainanese chicken places filling but inappropriate), it's not something I'm crazy about. I also liked their service: they use a buzzer system so you need never raise your arms :)) and they're very friendly.

Dishes are good for sharing.

Nasi Lemak Lava Cake
Not so much the lava cake though. Nice presentation (one of the drops looks almost like a heart), warm but lacking in consistency (more like a warm brownie or a dry cake) and lava.

I'd recommend this place for their entrees but I'd go for dessert elsewhere.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Summertime Sun Suggestions: FTU

Alright, another short summer post! This time, it's for everyone's benefit....

A lot of reminders have been going up about wearing sunscreen or sunblock; the amount of SPF and PA it has to have; and how often to apply it - so i'm not going to go into that unless pressed. However, what I often fail to see is advice as to the amount of product you're supposed to use. I hear the term a shot glass full a little bit, but it's very hard to figure out how much you're really supposed to use.

So, I'd like to promote the idea of the Finger-Tip-Unit (FTU) for daily use.

An FTU is a straight line of product from the tip of one finger to the first crease/joint. It would help to do a basic google image source since there are pictures and tables easily available depending on one's age group. An FTU is usually used when dealing with topical corticosteroids, but work quite as well for your choice of sun protection since good coverage is required for both.

For the average adult:

Face and neck: 2.5 FTUs
Chest: 7 FTUs
Back: 7 FTUs
Arm: 3 FTUs
Hand: 1 FTU
Leg: 6 FTUs
Foot: 2 FTU

Note that this is the minimum amount you should use. If ever, err on the side of caution and add more if you feel like you need to.

Stay safe!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Summertime Self Suggestions

With one of the hottest days ever just a few days ago, it's tempting to just stay home and nap, or bathe a billion times. While I'm very tempted to do that (and probably will on some days) this summer, I will do my best to improve both my body and my mind.

While I can't disclose the details, it does mean that I should log at least (and I hope, even more than) 1 hour a day for the improvement of my mind.

For the former, it's to go back to my body of 2 years ago at worst (or 4 years ago, at best) - in the healthiest way possible:

I will try for 30 minutes a day devoted to exercise.

Reduce my intake to either 1 brewed or 2 instants coffees a day.

Minimize junk food for healthier snacks.

And also, to do the other duties given to me.

I am writing these here as a reminder to myself. These past years, I've been sliding down and making some new bad habits, or breaking my old good ones.

It's time to clean house.

Wish me luck!!!