Friday, February 21, 2014

Seoul Garden Hotpot

Last weekend, I was at Robinsons Galleria where Seoul Garden Hotpot was having a promo. A set meal for 2 for P499 with an optional dessert to share for an additional P39.

I'm not a big fan of Korean food but I liked the generosity of their serving (to share!).

Free Appetizers

I was already hungry so I already ate some.

Seoul Garden Hotpot Bulgogi
 As you can see, it had a lot of oil but the beans and lettuce (and onion option) balanced it out. It's very messy to eat since you have to wrap it yourself. Definitely not first date food.

Seoul Garden Hotpot Bibimbap
Raspberry Peach Iced Tea
 I love iced tea, and this had a peach slice already. It would have ended the meal well but...

Vanilla Mango Ice Cream
I've been craving ice cream, even now.

I think the promo lasts until the end of February. I might eat there again before the month ends.

Seoul Garden Hotpot is at the 4th floor of Robinson's Galleria.

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