Friday, January 10, 2014

Review: Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Okay, I haven't been able to take care of my hair lately, so I decided to give this product a go:

Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Repair
Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Repair

Take note that these bottles weren't bought in the Phil and were instead made in Germany. You can find this product at department stores around, but the bottles I've seen here are made in China. I'm kind of torn if I should try the locally available products because on one hand, it's cheap Schwarzkopf... but on the other. It's a german brand, and might as well buy something that came from there.

The shampoo is a bit runnier than expected for it's semi-opaque, shiny color. It lathers well and is easy to remove. I don't feel squeaky clean when I use this - as compared to a clarifying shampoo- but I don't feel that there's any residue left behind either. The conditioner looks standard, and is pretty easy to rinse off. I love the scent: it's like a chocolate-coconut that stays long in both my hair and in the shower.

While my hair at this length and without any damaging treatment is generally manageable, it still needs a bit of help with a comb and the occasional smoothing product and deep conditioning. With Schwarzkopf Gliss, my hair is smoother, softer and frizz-free with just shampoo and conditioner. As long as I let it air or towel dry, I don't have to worry about a bad hair day.

The best thing I've found about this product is that I don't need to brush my hair anymore! Finger coming everyday is enough as it's a good detangler on it's own.

Will I buy this product again? If I can find one from Germany, Yes. Though I might cave and buy a small size of the China made one when I run out.

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