Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On Miss America

A few days ago, I heard about the extremely negative reaction of some people regarding the coronation of Miss America.

All I can do is give a giant facepalm.

It is not just that these people have accused a person based on her name and skin tone as a terrorist. It's also the fact that they never bothered to learn that there are many different "races" which are non-caucasian in color and name.

Also, the fact that they have posted their misplaced ire over the internet when a quick search would have easily given them the truth.

I do not watch beauty pageants, but the furor over this event has shown me that people place a lot of importance on these, and that some are more ignorant than I thought possible.

Skin does not equal race - get a tan if you don't believe me.

A name is not a person. A person is not a group.

It's 2013. How long will it take us to learn this?

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