Saturday, August 17, 2013

Review: Giselle by Ballet Philippines

Watched Giselle, performed by Ballet Philippines on opening night (August 16, 2013). Giselle is the first ballet of the 44th season of Ballet Philippines. It was definitely an experience after a nice dinner with M. The First Act was a bust: ballerinas twitching all over the place, you could see the strain; danseur's failing to synch like a bad DL. While the Giselle wasn't bad, she wasn't spectacular. On the other hand, the Duke had a bit of trouble.

The Second Act was gorgeous: Very coordinated Willis! :) The Duke, Giselle, Hilarion and - especially- Myrtha performed wonderfully.

My advice: snooze through the first act (you're not missing anything) and see the second.

Extra: For those who are interested, CBTL is having another open house this Sunday (August 18, 2013). Happy weekend!

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