Monday, June 24, 2013

Secret Recipe at Shangri-la Mall

So yesterday I went over to Shangri-la Mall because I heard about a Kiehl's challenge over at Animetric's. That's gonna come later. I'm excited about it, but that has to wait!

Shangri-la Mall East Wing
 The new wing at Shangri-la Mall. It was actually a pretty nice shot until these two walked in. Haha.

TWG Coming Soon
 Hee. TWG is coming over to Orti. It's not looking as nice as the one over at Greenbelt, but it would be nice to have a tea place close by.
Shu Uemura - Shangri-la
 At Floor 2/3 -Is a Shu Uemura.

Kiehl's - Shangri-la
And a Kiehl's where I got my 5 free samples.

While waiting for some family members, I ended up waiting at Secret Recipe on the highest floor of the Mall and ordered an Americano with milk (P95 - according to munchpunch, it's called a Flat White).

Americano and Free Cake
 Apparently, you get a free slice of one of their cream cakes when you order a coffee hot or iced. Yay!

Coffee and Terry Pratchett
 I'm not a big fan of Terry Pratchett, but he is funny, especially his footnotes.

Chocolate Banana Cake
 The free slice, while by no means can be considered a sliver, is a little on the lean side. I don't know why I got a plastic fork with it, but it was yummy! :))

 I did like the foam art, along with the service: very prompt and very hospitable servers. I got a glass of iced water sometime while I was reading without prompting. The coffee went excellently with the cake.

Chocolate Banana Cake again
I would definitely buy this if it were a bit bigger :)) But I'd rather have it free with a coffee, even if it's a smaller slice.

Would I return? Definitely yes, if I ever had to wait for someone at Shangri-la, or any other mall with a branch as long as they had this promo and I had a good book.

Secret Recipe is at the 5th floor of Shangri-la Mall.

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