Sunday, June 30, 2013

Review: Quizno's + Dakasi

As I am writing this right now, I am trying to drink a Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea. While the servers were cheerful and accomodating - plus points for using forceps to give me tissue - the waiting time was long and the milk tea was very disappointing. They used powdered milk, and boy, did it taste like it. Rather than milk tea, it tasted like a powdered milk drink with pearls. I don't think I'll be able to finish this drink, which is quite a shame as it costs P100. Wish I had bought from Serenitea instead.

On a longer note, I visited Quiznos in Shangri-la Mall!

Quiznos Storefront: Shangri-la

It's a bit small and located at the basement, near the food court, so it's easy to miss if you don't normally stop by that level.

Inside Quiznos: Shangri-la
We came at a slow hour, so it was mostly empty.

Quiznos Sub Sizes
Quiznos' subway sandwiches come in 5", 8", and 11". It's nice to have a visible guide as to how big your order is. Also, they show you their actual bread sizes if you ask. ^^

Ordering at Quiznos
 The menu they've mounted is hard to read. Better read the one on the table.

5" Classic Italian
I ordered a 5" classic Italian for P125- I think. It was much taller than I expected.

5" Classic Italian - Sideways 
And it was really yummy! Unfortunately, it didn't fill up this sloth >.< Wish I got a larger size. I think the 5" is still a snack size. the 8" would be perfect for a meal and 11" for super-hungry times.

Quiznos Trash
Their subs come in these speech bubble shaped trays (I like the fact that you have something to hold on to). You're supposed to drop the contents in the hole after eating and leave tray. Unfortunately, in the Philippines, most people just leave their trays on the tables.

Quiznos Snacks

While I didn't buy any sides, you can buy these as additions to your meal, like in the more familiar Subway. While my sub was delicious, it was a bit pricey - especially since Subway often has promos. I like the subs here more though and will probably eat here again if I have the chance.

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