Thursday, June 13, 2013

Globe Rant

I am so frustrated with Globe right now. While they're all really nice, nothing seems to ever get done. I've just spend two hours to come to nothing regarding my problem.

5 Nice Things About Globe*... Not
*on broadband application

1. If you are on hold, then they will come back to you - Ok. This is not exactly a lie since they do eventually return, but it was taking a while. I asked someone inside the store if I was still on hold, and he said yes. Unfortunately, after another 30 minutes, he said that no- it got disconnected. I wasted around an hour holding a dead phone simply because I did not trust my instict that a phone with no music on hold was dead.

2. They will get back to you promptly - Nope. Not at all. Which has spewed a whole lot of follow ups that have all come to nothing. A word of advice, don't try their hotline. It's near useless. I just had many frustrating rounds of repeating everything about my case, only to get transferred again and again and again to end up with a - I'm sorry, this is all I can do. I will reply in 24 hours (which... hasn't happened).

3. You can use their customer service to get good service - if ever you get there. At the most convenient times for me, Globe is woefully packed and the line can take up to an hour. I tried using other measures given to me but the lines were perpetually busy.

4. You can follow-up in another globe store - apparently not. Globe can't cross communicate unless via email, so if you need something follow-ed up, you need to do it in the store you applied it or wait at least 24 hours for the other end to reply. Else your service is routed through the hotline (see above) which cannot communicate directly with another globe store anyway.

5. They can deal with your concerns - I've just spent two hours of my life with no one able to help me. I was told to go to the branch I originally applied in, when during my application process and my first follow-up (at the branch I did apply in) I asked and was explicitly told that I could use the hotline or the globe closest to me to follow up. Liars.

It's come to nothing. Nice people, but absolute shite when it comes to actual problem solving. It's very funny how my requests were met promptly when I was inquiring but it seems I have been dropped as soon as I have made a commitment.

Life, huh.

Edit: Saturday: June 15, 2013

Still another two hours in globe. Still nothing. All the regrets.

This is already four times worse than the last Sun trouble. Gah!!!!


I now have Internet. I have given around 9 hours of my life to Globe. While I wouldn't recommend their service, I am now enjoying their product. Let's hope I'd have nothing to complain about in that aspect.

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