Monday, April 1, 2013

Let's Face It! I can't!

After n years of avoiding Let's Face It! I decided to go there as a family activity. We all got the basic, standard facial package at P245 (around $6 dollars), which was really cheap.... and we got what we paid for!

Basic Facial: Facial Cleaning with Laser and Vacuum - P 245

The mini-massage when they rubbed on the creams pre-pricking felt nice, and so did the steaming. However, there came the dreaded pricking! While it was fine for them, I was in serious pain the entire time those instruments of evil were on my face. I had to tell the aesthetician to leave off my cheeks because I couldn't take it.

My nose is now free from blackheads. But I will never return. Not even for the free check-ups that came with the package. At least for the next n years. I'd rather go to my derma instead and get peel happy!

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