Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Stupid Mistake

It has only recently come to my attention that I have been very stupid making such a big oversight!

I don't wear make-up often and often wash my face just once with a facial wash/soap. However, I try to use sunscreen everyday (when I go out, at least). Someone recently pointed out to me that I'd need extra help washing it off. Thus, oil cleansing has become a nightly ritual before using cleanser.

I would suggest using a commercial oil cleanser since they would already have emulsifiers in them instead of pure oils. I've only recently finished up my DHC Cleansing Oil.

How To:

1. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them thoroughly with a clean towel. It does no good use dirty hands to clean one's face.

2. Pump enough oil to cover both palms and gently massage onto face with light strokes. You can warm the oil slightly by rubbing your oiled hands gently together. Take this time to relax.

3. Wet hands slightly and pat face until the oil turns milky. Do this at least twice until most of the oil seems to have emulsified, allowing it to be rinsed off easily.

4. Splash face at least 15 times with warm to tepid water. I'd suggest getting a shallow basin and filling it once or twice if you're averse to using running water.

5. Follow up with your normal cleansing. The previous step may not have removed all the oil and other gunk.

I'd suggest using a make-up remover prior to this when using make-up.

On another note, I am very lucky that I have been using VMV Armada as my sunblock and have not broken out because of it (also recently finished).

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