Thursday, May 3, 2012

Electric Kettle

One thing I can't live without is an electric kettle. Even if the sides of this thing are plastic (I prefer metal), I love this because it's pink. While I'm not too fond of the color itself, it does add a bit of cheer to the area. It can also hold 0.5-1.8L.

A quick source of hot water is always a must in my book, though it gets much less use now that it's summer.

As soon as you plug the device in, a blue light comes on,

which turns red while boiling.

This feature is useful as it reminds me that I have hot water available, which I am prone to forgetting mid-boil, and to unplug the device after use instead of leaving it plugged all the time. While other people might not need this reminder, I definitely do.

Avoid vampire power, unplug your devices after use :)

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