Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner

Since I have less than a quarter left, I think it's time to review this tea tree toner. This is a picture of how much toner I have left after shaking process:

I love tea tree oil and I've been buying some version of the oil itself since high school. But let's see how the toner fares.

This toner smells like tea tree oil and doesn't seem to have any fragrance, so I bet there's a significant enough amount of oil in there. There is also witch hazel extract, which is also good for the skin. However, it also contains something they label "lemon tree oil" which is NOT tea tree oil. I don't know what skin benefits this may have, maybe as a deterrent to insects? Don't let it fool you! In addition, this product contains castor oil so you might have to be careful. This product contains alcohol, but I've already said that I don't mind alcohol in my toners.

What makes this product different is that it contains a significant amount of corn starch. I love the act of shaking the toner because I enjoy "interactive stuff" (because I am a child). Now, corn starch is great for mattefying, being a powder. However, it's a cheap enough ingredient that I'm not happy it takes a significant portion of the product (3rd in the ingredients list). Because it's a starch, you also run the risk of sbacteria feeding on it. While the tea tree oil may negate it, I wouldn't recommend putting it near any area that is prone to stinking up or that is acne prone. While I didn't break out with this product, and it was a mild enough toner, it wasn't really helpful for clearing out my skin.

Will I repurchase this product again? No. Not for the price, and not for something with corn starch.

Though being a tea tree toner, this may be better for someone who is preventing break outs and not for someone with acne prone skin.

-contains tea tree oil
-contains witch hazel
-you shake it ^^

-contains cornstarch
-contains castor oil
-contains alcohol (con for others, but not for me, see my opinion about alcohol in toners)
-expensive (650 for 250 ml)

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