Friday, March 2, 2012

Review: Cutex Instant Nail Whitener

Sometimes, it's best to hide your sin of keeping nail polish for too long on your nails! As it is something I do occasionally, I try to keep a concealer for my nails. I've been using Cutex Instant Nail Whitener. These coat your nails white to hide those yellow stains. It makes your nails look french tipped, so I also use this instead of doing a french tip which I have trouble doing.

- no DBP, Toluene or Formaldehyde
- dries quickly

-hard to maneuver brush, can streak if not well done.

I still consider nail brighteners to be polishes, just one you don't need to use a base or top coat for :))

one coat cutex instant nail whitener

Last 3 fingernails have 1 coat on. Ring and thumb sans nail whitener. Looks just like a basecoat, which is why the instructions are to have 2 coats.

two coats cutex instant nail whitener

You can see the difference now. Last 3 fingernails have 2 coats on. Ring and thumb with 1 coat whitener.

Buy again? No, this bottle will last me a while and I'd like to avoid getting yellow nails in the future.

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