Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review: Dove Go Fresh Waterlily and Fresh Mint Body Wash

I've been blogging a lot for some reason. I don't know why, but I don't expect it to last.

I'm a sucker for anything minty, so that was an automatic plus. This body wash gives you a light tingly feeling, which I love (some people might not). It doesn't come off as a mint scent, more like a "clean" scent. I feel that this is a unisex scent (as most clean, unflowery scents are to me), which I'm not too fond of.

This is a good "after PE/gym" bath product (since it makes you feel and smell clean. The scent is strong enough to work as a fragrance, so you wouldn't have to spritz anything afterwards. My problem with this is that I don't have any perfumes or lotions that would match with this, so this is doomed to be a "travel/gym/anywhere I can't bring my closet" kind of item. I'd use this as a replacement pick-me-up/wake-me-up if it weren't so. It is for this reason that I wouldn't repurchase this item, unless someone gives me a lotion or perfume that could match with this.

Don't expect this body wash to lather very well, or moisturize like a lotion.

-minty feeling
-clean scent
-not expensive

-doesn't lather well*
-doesn't moisturize well**

*lather is not correlated to cleaning power. It just feels and looks better.
**for a dove product (maybe I'm not using enough?).

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