Friday, February 17, 2012


The trouble with instant hot chocolate: the marshmallows are too few and tiny.

Whenever I feel too lazy to make my own hot cocoa (with equal parts sugar and cocoa powder along with milk and water), I break out that instant pack of liquid goodness(Nestle or Swiss Miss). Whenever I get one with Marshmallows, I feel sad when I see those tiny little things that melt too quickly in my cup.

Thus, I like having a few colored marshmallows on hand.

These are the perfect size for me: small enough to fit in my mouth on a sip, but large enough not to melt completely after a minute. Having a little color in my cup also cheers me up.

I do not recommend snacking on marshmallows, but for hot chocolate? Marshmallows are perfect.


  1. I made marshmallow fluff! Haha basically like melted marshmallows. :)

    - Dom

  2. Care to share the recipe? I want to make some too (or just melt some marshmallows.... smores!)