Wednesday, February 29, 2012

To all (incoming) freshmen

When your teacher gives you a recommended reading list, especially a primary textbook, you should make the effort to read it, even if the teacher doesn't tell you to.

What is covered in class is sometimes not equal to what will be covered in the exams.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

What's In Your Vanity Case?

I've recently gone to an interview and had to bring some make-up with me. Everything I need for everyday makeup is now inside this case.

Note: This case also doubles as a pencil case for me so aside from the pretty-fying stuff, I have these:

USB, stapler, staples, pencil lead, clips, post-its and pens.

This kit contains:
1. Hand sanitizer- always clean your hands before touching your face and make-up.
2. Baby wipes- to wipe off your face before putting anything on
3. Lip balm- to prep your lips
4. Moisturizer- to prep your face
5. Liquid foundation
6. Powder foundation
7. Kabuki brush
8. Blush
9. Lipstick
10. Lipgloss
11. Eyeliner
12. Hair wax
13. Hair pins
14. Hair ties
15. Nail file
16. Perfume
Edit: 17. Comb! Can't believe I forgot to list it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A quick tip 2

Have to remove nail polish?

If you're gonna remove your nail polish, you might as well cut your nails beforehand. It saves time and nail polish remover, especially if you're wearing glitter polish (which take years to remove. It also makes sure that your nails are stronger when you cut them compared to post nail polish remover strength).

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Only Filipinos will get this, I'm afraid XD

There is one lesson I have learned
From experience, this is earned

When at home, you must take care
never to be unaware

You must always have on hand
the greatest weapons in the land

Against man's greatest foe today
The flying force that comes our way

Wield the hammer strong and sure
Aim the arrow to ensure

Victory! And never miss,
The deadly thing known as ipis

Friday, February 17, 2012


The trouble with instant hot chocolate: the marshmallows are too few and tiny.

Whenever I feel too lazy to make my own hot cocoa (with equal parts sugar and cocoa powder along with milk and water), I break out that instant pack of liquid goodness(Nestle or Swiss Miss). Whenever I get one with Marshmallows, I feel sad when I see those tiny little things that melt too quickly in my cup.

Thus, I like having a few colored marshmallows on hand.

These are the perfect size for me: small enough to fit in my mouth on a sip, but large enough not to melt completely after a minute. Having a little color in my cup also cheers me up.

I do not recommend snacking on marshmallows, but for hot chocolate? Marshmallows are perfect.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hungry? Have a yoghurt parfait!

Thinking about honey makes me hungry. Actually, I i just get hungry a lot. So I made something that can be called a yoghurt parfait, but with just one fruit. It actually looks more like a breakfast cereal, except using apples (because an apple a day keeps the doctor away!).

Slice half (or a whole) an apple in a bowl. Now since I had honey on hand, I drizzled a teaspoon of it on top of the apple, but you don't actually need it (like I needed it with papaya).

Then load with yoghurt. It looks just like cereal! This yoghurt was made with full cream milk, so it's a lot sweeter than the lower calorie alternatives.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Review: Bench Fix Professional Molding Clay: Clay Doh

Sachets! You gotta love 'em. While some countries prefer Jumbo sizes, the trend in the Philippines is the use ofsachets: aside from being convenient, they are cheaper (in the absolute sense-which is a necessity in a third world country where people may not be able to splurge for a larger version). If you manage your product well, you can actually make your sachet last for more than one session. Like samples, which these are sometimes, they are excellent for people who don't want to commit to a product. I don't use hairsprays/gels/waxes often (sometimes, I barely even brush my hair!), so I'd rather have these little things than a jar of something I will barely use.

Anway, this is a single sachet of the stuff. 4 grams worth of product, for I forgot how much. It describes itself as having a 5/5 hold and 1/5 shine (in the bench range of hair products). The thing on my finger isn't dirt, it's a bit of the clay :)

bench fix professional molding clay photo

I used that bit on my finger tip to coat the top of my fringe. As you can see, it seems shiny and white close up, but it doesn't look like that in real life, it's just the light reflecting off the product.

On a sidenote, I am that hirsute! (at least facially :|)

bench fix professional molding clay on hair

Why I prefer hair wax:

-doesn't give that greasy look that pomades give
-easy to wash off
-doesn't give a wet look like gel does
-doesn't dry my hair out (like gel)

I use this to tame my hair and hold curls. I don't want wet/greasy hair! Since I don't use it for extreme styles (which gels are better for), I have no problem with the hold.

Why I prefer this wax:
-hold is good
-smells good (I don't like the smell of hair gels in general)

I admit that I don't try the other popular brand here (Gatsby) because I find the ads too masculine looking. lol. So I can't compare it with other waxes (just with other hair products in general, so maybe this shouldn't be a "review" but a comparison of the 3- wax, gel, pomade? I'm not gonna change it. Maybe talk about it if somebody asks).

A little product goes a long way, but with my current hair, I can use up a sachet in one go.

Add something sweet

I'm on a honey mask kick right now.

I've been plagued with acne since my recent allergic reaction. In an attempt to stop it, I used tretinoin on my face nightly. It made my face sting since I usually use it only 2x or 3x a week, but I persevered. Unfortunately, I think I had a bad reaction to formalin or something under the mask I was using (maybe due to the heat or poor circulation); my mouth region started to burn! It was mildly painful, so I washed it off and added some moisturizer as soon as possible.

Now, I'm using "natural methods" to heal my face. Right now, that means honey and calamansi (a citrus fruit; family Rutaceae- the local, cheaper version of lemons/limes) with more of the former than the latter.

I like to drink tea while waiting for the proper time to remove my mask (20 mins or so, some people leave honey masks overnight). I've been using honey as a sweetener (which I do sometimes) because I get too lazy to get the sugar. There is definitely a taste difference between white sugar, brown sugar and honey; you can prefer each type for different foods. However, I was wondering which one was healthier. Everyone keeps saying use honey instead of sugar, because it's sweeter and it's natural/good for you (actually because it has a lower glycemic index), but should you really?

Note: I used 21 grams because it's what's relevant to me (as I'm comparing it with the honey I have which says 21 grams is 1 tablespoon; 21 grams is around 6 teaspoons, 15 grams is around 1 tablespoon ). Stats from wikipedia

21 grams Granulated sugar:
-81.27 calories
-nutrients higher than 10% suggested daily values: none
-glycemic index: 64*

21 grams Brown sugar:
-79.17 calories
-nutrients higher than 10% suggested daily values: Iron (15%)
-glycemic index: 64*

21 grams Honey (21 grams):
-63.84 calories
-nutrients higher than 10% suggested daily values: none
-glycemic index: 31-78 (from wikipedia), 30 for raw honey*

*from "Glycemic Index: Where Do Sweeteners Form?" at 10/14/11 - not mine :)

Wikipedia says that brown sugar, being denser though, packs more sugar than white, so unless you have scales at home, you might be consuming more brown sugar than you think! An added benefit of honey: you can't make a "heaping" tablespoon out of it.

If my honey actually scores a 30 on the GI, then honey is the way to go. However, for small quantities (for instance, in my tea- milk tea too), I think I'd prefer using brown sugar, thank you. Why?

1 tablespoon brown sugar has less calories than 1 tablespoon honey, and since I don't usually eat carbs during my study time, the glycemic load isn't that much.

Using honey is less convenient than using sugar (since honey is runny/messy) and I end up with too much honey in the spoon and less in my tea, and thus end up putting even more honey.

I don't have a container to share it in for tea with others :)

I'm just lazy that way.

Edit: according to this other source (, "Glycemic Index) which gives honey a GI of 55, sugar has a GL of 8 while honey has 9.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Subspace Coffee House

subspace coffee house raspberry mocha

A Raspberry Mocha at Subspace Coffee House. The little raspberry syrup leaves reminded me of hearts (just in time for valentines).

This little coffee house has very interesting decorations, so it's fun to pop in once in a while. Unfortunately, it's only open until 11 pm Mondays to Saturdays. I wish it were open longer. I tend to do my best studying after midnight :)

Every 1st and 3rd monday of the month, Subspace gives free upsizes!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Review: Dove Go Fresh Waterlily and Fresh Mint Body Wash

I've been blogging a lot for some reason. I don't know why, but I don't expect it to last.

I'm a sucker for anything minty, so that was an automatic plus. This body wash gives you a light tingly feeling, which I love (some people might not). It doesn't come off as a mint scent, more like a "clean" scent. I feel that this is a unisex scent (as most clean, unflowery scents are to me), which I'm not too fond of.

This is a good "after PE/gym" bath product (since it makes you feel and smell clean. The scent is strong enough to work as a fragrance, so you wouldn't have to spritz anything afterwards. My problem with this is that I don't have any perfumes or lotions that would match with this, so this is doomed to be a "travel/gym/anywhere I can't bring my closet" kind of item. I'd use this as a replacement pick-me-up/wake-me-up if it weren't so. It is for this reason that I wouldn't repurchase this item, unless someone gives me a lotion or perfume that could match with this.

Don't expect this body wash to lather very well, or moisturize like a lotion.

-minty feeling
-clean scent
-not expensive

-doesn't lather well*
-doesn't moisturize well**

*lather is not correlated to cleaning power. It just feels and looks better.
**for a dove product (maybe I'm not using enough?).


I don't have a gym membership. I'm on this trial thing where I get a certain number of days in a gym for a limited time period. Unfortunately, all the machines intimidate me. I just end up going to the Zumba classes (the whole reason I paid for the trial thing: in the Philippines, these trial things aren't free :( which sucks). I enjoy those classes since it makes time fly, but since my gym buddy is gone (you know who you are!), I don't feel as motivated to go.

For some people out there who want to get fit, it might be in your best interest to have a friend go with you to motivate you to get your butt in shape.

I guess I'm one of those people who aren't meant for the gym (especially without a companion). I think I have to use alternative exercises instead after this trial thing runs out.

Speaking of butts, I've seen the way some people dress for the gym. Some of them even have make up on! I doubt they use foundation (I haven't gotten close enough to check, I'm shy...) but they definitely have blush going on.

For me, make up + sweat = icky. I've never gotten over that fact. I wonder how some people can stand it.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Trouble Sleeping? Try aromatherapy!

This is a bottle of Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Sleep Pillow Mist.

I must say that I used to be an insomniac, and this helped me when I had trouble falling asleep. Lavender is my "it's time to sleep scent" along with Chamomile tea. Having trigger cues such as the flavor of tea or the scent surrounding you helps you sleep by constant association, along with the natural properties of the substance.

When you want to go to sleep, make sure that:

1. your lights are off
2. your tv is off
3. you haven't exercised recently
4. you aren't thinking about anything

I only use extras such as this when I had more trouble than normal. Of course, I've been having the opposite problem recently: I've been sleeping way too much.

It's better that you don't associate your sleeping area with other activities. I end up sleeping while studying when I do it on the bed T_T

This product may irritate you, so check before buying. For me, the only real con of this product is it's smell: it's so good! It makes me want to smush my face into my pillow. It's bad because I might suffocate myself and the pillow could be dirty and contribue to my zits.

Still, I keep this at my bedside table for when I want to remind myself, that it's time to snooze again :)

Edit: my nails are one layer of Jade is the New Black by OPI with China Glaze's Atlantis at the edges: the product of too much goopy quick dry top coat (I get the same results with Seche Vite and Orly Won't Chip :|).

Review: Seche Restore

Unlike it's hard to use relative (Seche Vite), I actually like Seche Restore. With Seche Vite, I get awful goopy results, along with any other quick dry top coats.

Use Seche Restore to thin out your old polishes and resurrect them from their old, dried, clumpy state. Unfortunately, this comes with a couple of cons.

1. The packaging is horrible.

Look at the picture. To the right is the pipette for the Restore. I have no place to put it, so I keep the original packaging since I don't want it out in the open.

2. If you look at the ingredients list or the warning label, you will see that it contains toluene. It says that this product may "cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm." A quick search on the internet shows that toluene can cause neurological damage. Also, due to schoolwork, I have found that substances such as toluene can cause taste and smell disorders. It may not seem like much compared to the others, but it IS a valid concern, and the one I'm most worried about right now.

I will not repurchase this product, though it does work (though I have been doing worse, what with my constant exposure to formaldehyde :( ). It's not worth the risk. Hopefully, they will find something better to replace it. Good bye old polishes. At least until something better comes out.

TIP: DO NOT over expose yourself to your nail stuff. Once a month will do and be sure to have open air circulation.

On that note, given the love of air conditioning, how many nail technicians have been overexposed to toluene and the like?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Patch testing

I often do not patch test for allergic reactions. It's bad, I know! I want to do this for box dyes but I don't know HOW am I supposed to patch test these products.

For those that have separate bottle for the peroxide and a tube of dye, you can put a little of both in a separate container, mix them, then test on yourself. Unfortunately, the boxes I've bought have a non-sealable container for the peroxide. Then I think to myself: this stuff will decompose pretty quickly and I need to keep this on for 48 hours (H2O2 -> H2O). So I end up putting it on anyway without a patch test :( I take it all off if it itches, but it's not a good way to do it.

I do patch test for facial products (because it's really easy!). However, recently, I patch tested a product on my jaw line for 7 hours. It was fine. However, when I used it the next day, it seems I had an allergic reaction after 5 hours on my face! It was horrible :| I'm still paying for it right now.

Urgh. I don't know how to explain it. Maybe my face is just weird.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Although I know that mouthwash isn't strictly necessary, there's just something about it that I love. Maybe it's because:

1) It freshens breath
2) It wakes you up

I don't really care that much about the germ-killing effect (with possible temporary dryness), though I hope it helps since I'm horrible at flossing (how do you floss your molars? I've never been able to do it :( ).

Although, you still have to be careful that the mouthwash you use doesn't stain your teeth (Chlorohexedine). I use mouthwash only 3x max a week because I drink a lot of coffee and tea.

What does make me curious is how come most people prefer to use a dilute version of mouthwash versus a concentrate. The concentrated solution is just a bit more expensive, but you get at least 3x more of the product. Sure, the diluted version is good for kids (who cannot be trusted NOT to check the label before swilling a mouthful of concentrate) and for travel, but the concentrate does it's job longer. I love the fact that you can control how hot your mouth will get by changing the amount of water you use. I just don't see why diluted mouthwash is more popular than concentrate.